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Princess of China
Coldplay featuring Rihanna 

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OMG, PoC video is out! (or how I reacted to this music video of Coldplay)

First things first, there are some things missing in this video, 3 things, to be more specific:

  1. Guy Berryman.
  2. Will Champion.
  3. Jonny Buckland.

Coldplay. Is. A. Fucking. Baaaaaand!! Please, is too much to ask a video with all of them??

On the other hand, well… Chris fighting with a fucking katana wearing those outfits. OMFG, that was sexy. That was HOT AS HELL. Also I’m glad he didn’t kiss Rihanna, that would had been… no, just NO.

I really like the song, but the video disappointed me a bit, I suppose due to the fact that I already had imagined how I’d like the video to be.

PS: It’s just me or there are several references to The House of Flying Daggers in this video? (like in when she’s dancing with that looooong sleeves and he’s watching her).


posted hace 2 años